STAY COOL Members share why they are involved in climate action in our video:

Dr. Richard Somerville Testimonial | StayCool

Dr. Richard Somerville Testimonial

If the world continues to procrastinate throughout the current decade, so that global emissions of heat-trapping gases continue unabated for another ten years, then we will have almost certainly lost the opportunity to limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

Instead, our children and grandchildren will be forced to cope with more severe climate disruption. The failure of humanity to take meaningful actions now has the effect of condemning future generations to suffer from our ignoring the problem. (Read more here).

Dr. Richard Somerville, 
Climate Scientist & Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego


Marty Eberhardt Testimonial | StayCool

Marty Eberhardt Testimonial

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that global climate change affects – and trumps –  every other issue about the future of this planet.

I’m not so concerned about my own future – I’ve lived a full life. However, I am deeply worried about the kind of world I’m bequeathing to my young grandson.

As grandparents, we have the time, the life experience, and the foresight to mobilize others to avert worst case scenarios. I joined Stay Cool to do just that.

Marty Eberhardt, 
Former Executive Director
Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Water Conservation Garden


M. Crawford Young, PhD Testimonial | StayCool

M. Crawford Young, PhD Testimonial

As we are beginning to witness first-hand the effects of climate change, I worry about my four grandchildren and the future they might inherit.

Global warming poses great dangers and challenges for the medium and long term.

It is our duty as grandparents to call for immediate action – to ensure a better future for our grandchildren and future generations.

M. Crawford Young, PhD,
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Michael Beck Testimonial

There was a time when people acted, with intention and selflessness, for the future well being of their decedents.

Climate change is now spinning that future into chaos and uncertainty at scale and pace unseen for tens of thousands of years. How will our grandchildren view the legacy we pass to them?

Michael Beck, conservationist,
Endangered Habitats League

Michael McDade Testimonial

As a grandparent of 6, I can think of nothing more important than organizing and networking to protect our grandkids from global warming.

Change does not ‘just happen,’ it requires commitment. Without efforts like STAY COOL, our descendants will suffer from our mistakes, and will never know the wonderful world we often take for granted. We must act now

Michael McDade, President,
McDade Strategic Consulting

If you are a grandparent that wants to learn more about how you can help prevent climate change, become a STAY COOL member today. It’s free!