Press Release

Press Release: On Behalf of Future Generations, Grandparents Unite to Help Earth ‘Stay Cool’

San Diego-based organization energizes like-minded grandparents to combat global warming.

San Diego (August 28, 2013) — A new player in climate action is emerging in San Diego, and behind it stands the voice of our greatest generation. STAY COOL for Grandkids is the first United States coalition of well-informed grandparents working together, on a local level, to persuade government and business leaders to pursue policies that will reduce the threat of global warming.

STAY COOL was created, with the help of The San Diego Foundation donors and Climate Initiative, to harness the power of grandparents to influence change. It was established in early 2013 by a group of concerned grandparents who felt it was their duty to advance solutions that overcome the consequences of global warming.

“The opportunity to reduce the impacts of climate change is the greatest moral obligation of our time,” say STAY COOL founding members David and Peg Engel. “Our grandchildren and future generations need voices that will advocate now for meaningful action to combat the threats of global warming.”

STAY COOL works with grandparents to assist them in understanding the science behind climate change and engage them in today’s key climate policy issues. The organization seeks to transform interested grandparents into active participants, with a goal of promoting public policies and business practices that reduce carbon pollution in the atmosphere. Grandparents comprise a powerful constituency, and STAY COOL grandparents believe that elected officials should make it a priority to pursue policies that ensure a healthy, sustainable planet for future generations.

Dr. Richard Somerville, world-renowned climate expert and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of California San Diego, is a supporter of STAY COOL’s mission and states, “The plain fact is that what mankind decides to do in the coming years and decades will largely determine the climate that our children and grandchildren will inherit.”

STAY COOL will initially focus on the San Diego regional adoption of sustainability policies and practices that directly or indirectly affect carbon-polluting emissions. In July, the organization hired a program manager, Sarah Benson, to carry out the organization’s mission, grow its membership and to coordinate outreach and advocacy efforts. Prior to joining STAY COOL, Sarah supported the communications activities at Equinox Center, a San Diego think tank focused on sustainability, and previously managed the marketing and media relations activities at the North County Transit District.

Membership in STAY COOL is free and participants are encouraged to become engaged by attending bi-monthly gatherings. These gatherings offer a chance to develop a deeper understanding of climate science and climate-related issues and policies. STAY COOL member meetings also offer a spirit of community and empower members to make a difference. The next member meeting will feature a guest speaker on San Diego’s smart transportation developments and will occur in the fall. Interested citizens can sign up to join here.

STAY COOL is forging collaborations with other San Diego organizations already making strides towards sustainability and limiting global warming. The organization looks forward to developing new partnerships in the coming months. STAY COOL is a fiscally sponsored project of Mission Edge San Diego.


STAY COOL is a free membership organization whose mission is to empower grandparents, in the name of their grandchildren, to become more aware and influence public policy that will limit global warming. The phrase “stay cool” signifies the organization’s objective to prevent Earth’s temperature from rising more than 3.6°F, which more than 100 nations have set as a limit. Global warming beyond 3.6°F may lead to catastrophic climate changes. STAY COOL also signifies our desire as grandparents not to betray the trust of our grandchildren – that is to “stay cool” in their eyes as the generation that maintained the planet. STAY COOL hosts educational forums, outreach efforts and advocacy programs to meet its mission of speaking on behalf of those grandchildren presently too young to have a voice regarding climate policies. Inspired by their granddaughter Violet, the organization was founded by David and Peg Engel with the assistance of The San Diego Foundation, and is based in San Diego, California.