October 4 Member Meeting Summary

On Friday, October 4, 2013 STAY COOL for Grandkids hosted around 20 members at the home of David and Peg Engel. The guest speaker was Bob Leiter, an Urban and Transportation Planner. Here are highlights of his presentation to STAY COOL:

  • Bob gave a 20-30 min presentation titled “Regional Planning in California: Moving toward Sustainability and Livability” on regional transportation issues, challenges and solutions.
  • In urban planning, there are “three Es” to consider when planning: Economic development, healthy Environment, and social Equity.
  • By 2050, California’s population will grow from 39 million to 59 million residents.  Planning for smart growth is essential to protect natural areas from overdevelopment, and to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Each “Metropolitan Planning Organization” (MPO) in the state has to create a long-range Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and update it every four years. SANDAG does this for our region.
  • SB 375 requires a “Sustainable Communities Strategy” to be included in each RTP showing how the communities will reduce carbon emissions.
  • The plans outline a number of ways that communities can do this, and include a mix of the following solutions:
    • Investments in public transit.
    • Investments in active transportation: bike ways, pedestrian access, neighborhood safety, etc.
    • Transportation demand management: carpool and HOV lanes, encouragement of telecommuting, etc.
    • Transportation system management: queue jumpers, syncing street lights, use of shoulders for transit, ramp metering and pricing strategies (toll roads/lanes).
  • Half of the 18 MPOs in CA have developed and implemented a “Sustainable Communities Strategy” to date.
  • According to Bob, “local initiatives make regional planning successes come to life” and each of the communities in San Diego should work on sustainability as well.

View Bob’s PowerPoint presentation titled “Regional Planning in California: Moving toward Sustainability and Livability” here: 


Nicola Hedge, a climate initiative director with The San Diego Foundation also shared with the group an update on the progress toward San Diego’s regional climate action plans. Here are highlights of her presentation:

  • 19 of 19 San Diego communities have currently performed greenhouse gas emission inventories and 9 of 19 communities are working on or have adopted climate action plans.
  • It is important for STAY COOL members to attend public meetings on these climate action plans.
  • TSDF is working on developing actionable recommendations for adapting to sea level rise in San Diego.


View Nicola’s presentation titled “Progress on Local Climate Action” here:


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