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Member Meetings

General membership meetings are held quarterly.  These are early-evening socials featuring speakers to update us on the science of climate change, on relevant technologies, on agencies and policies addressing climate change, and on actions we can take.

Our next STAY COOL member event will be posted soon.

Classroom Climate Science

Members make up the support crew for our youth-education program, comprised of lessons for middle-school science classes.  The presenters are grad students from UCSD’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and STAY COOL members supervise experiments that teach about greenhouse gases and effects of ocean warming and acidification.

Field Trips

STAY COOL members are welcome to bring family and friends along for our occasional field trips, which involve guided tours to, for example, witness “King tides” at the Scripps Pier, study wildfire impacts and recovery at Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary, and observe climate-change indicators at Cabrillo National Monument.

About Past Events

Click here to read about past STAY COOL meetings.

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