Member Declaration

STAY COOL Member Declaration

I believe global warming and climate disruption is a real and present threat to everything that we, as grandparents and elders, want for our grandchildren and future generations. As the generation who will leave a legacy behind, it is our moral obligation to advocate now for meaningful action to combat the threats of global warming.

I hereby support the following actions directed to San Diego regional leaders, elected officials, and other decision makers:
• Invest in climate action plans that lead to a sustainable community that balances environmental needs, the economy and social equity.
• Set clear climate action targets and goals, with measurable and enforceable results.
• Promote responsible stewardship of our region’s natural resources; conserve water and invest in clean energy.
• Protect underserved communities and vulnerable populations who will be most impacted by climate disruption.
• Aim to develop our region into a national model for sustainability.

Personally, I hereby promise to:
• Stay informed about environmental and sustainability policy issues in the San Diego region.
• Use research and science to inform my opinions and identify solutions.
• Support bold and visionary leadership; stand by leaders who demonstrate action.
• Voice my concerns with elected officials in a balanced, respectful way
• Take initiative to be involved in my community and contribute to making it better.
• Use my influence to encourage my family and friends to make this commitment as well.
• Minimize my own impact by making smarter transportation choices, reducing my water use, investing in energy efficient solutions and reducing my carbon footprint.

By signing this Declaration, I choose to take the future into my hands and commit myself to building a coalition that will work to protect today’s grandkids and all future generations. 

If you are a grandparent who wants to learn more about how you can help prevent climate change, become a STAY COOL member today. It’s free!