Letter to the Editor: Issa should heed the words of Pope Francis

By David Engel

Pope Francis will address the U.S. Congress soon (“Congress returns to long list of unfinished business,” Sept. 7) to express concerns about the dangers of global warming. Francis stated in his encyclical that science has shown global warming is happening and human activities are responsible. He believes wealthy nations have a moral obligation to act.

Congressman Darrell Issa understands global warming is real but is unwilling to act because he is “worried about costs.”

Pope Francis believes that politicians must act on global warming. He states in his encyclical they should be courageous “and leave behind a testimony of selfless responsibility.”

Mr. Issa should take Pope Francis’ advice to heart.

The climate costs of global warming to our grandchildren should dominate his worries, not short-term costs. Listen to what Pope Francis is saying and act.

Originally published in the San Diego Union-Tribune, September 17, 2015

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