Help Move San Diego Forward – Now is Your Chance to Weigh in on SANDAG’s Regional Plan

Beginning tonight, SANDAG is holding seven evening workshops to present a draft of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan. The purpose is to share the plan with the public and receive public comments. View the schedule here.

San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan outlines the strategy for transportation planning workshopsand funding, so it plays an important role in how our regional will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

It is important at this stage in the Regional Plan draft that SANDAG receives and records comments from the public as to the shortfalls of the plan. Please plan to attend the workshop in your neighborhood. It would help if you arrive early, talk to others about your concerns and be a bit vocal. Please pass this email on to others who may be able to attend.

Below are suggested key messages:

  • As a grandparent, I am concerned about future plans for transportation in our region. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emission and with smart planning, we can significantly reduce emissions caused by transportation in the coming years.
  • SANDAG has the ability to save our region money, protect our environment and improve quality of life for future generations if we reallocate our TransNet Transportation Tax funds from freeway expansion to early-stage transit development. Please consider incorporating a “transit first” alternative that doesn’t include any future freeway expansion and instead focuses investments on transit, bike and walk infrastructure.
  • The plan points out that we need to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) from current levels by significant percentages if we are to meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2020, 2035 and 2050. Instead of increasing the number of freeway lanes (that will cost billions of dollars), please first consider using our existing lanes for the Bus Rapid Transit lines and managed lanes.
  • Emissions from transportation affects the health of our most vulnerable populations, especially children and the elderly. Recently an appellate court ruled that the last Regional Transportation Plan needed to include health impact assessments for expanding our freeway system and the State Supreme Court said it would not review this issue, essentially letting the ruling stand. Please ensure the next regional plan includes assessments and data on how many more asthma and cancer cases will result from the expansion of freeways.

If you can’t attend a workshop, submit a comment here.

And thank you, to our STAY COOL members, for all you do to help create a cooler future for our grandkids!

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