Our many approaches to Climate Action

By Dennis Griffin

As a group STAY COOL for Grandkids has and continues to address all actions to combat Climate Change.   The mission of STAY COOL is to speak for those too young to have a voice regarding climate policies: our children and grandchildren.  STAY COOL harnesses the power of elders through education and advocacy for action on climate change issues in the San Diego region.

STAY COOL was recently referred to as “elderly do-gooders” a moniker that we now embrace.

As a STAY COOL advisor, I recently launched a new Facebook page titled “DIY (Do it yourself) Climate Action.”  The focus of this site is on personal actions that individuals can take to combat climate change.  There are many sites that address climate change and this site’s focus is on “walking the talk.”

We can take tangible steps toward combating climate change through personal actions:

  • Install solar on our roofs
  • Drive an electric car
  • Take low carbon vacations
  • Change our diet by replacing animal protein with plant protein
  • Divest ourselves from fossil fuels by changing our investments to show our environmental values
  • Share our concerns about the future with our children and grandchildren (other demands on their time and attention may be keeping them uninformed).

I encourage you to like and follow DIY Climate Action Facebook Page just like you do with SC4G’s Facebook Page.

I have taken these actions myself and am willing to assist STAY COOL members who wish to take these personal actions toward combating climate change.  I can be reached at dhgriffin@gmail.com or 858-335-3340.

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