July 15 Meeting Summary Featuring Jim Stone

Meeting Notes from July 15, 2014 STAY COOL Member Meeting We welcomed 25 guests at this meeting held in Del Mar at the Engel home. Emily Young gave an update on The San Diego Foundation’s Focus 2050 report. It is a follow-up report to the first of its kind assessment … Continue reading

Grandparents Must Create Change

By Marty Eberhardt As a parent, I was stunned by the sudden rush of love and protectiveness that came upon me as soon as I saw my first child. Then, thirty years later, I felt it again, when I met my new grandson. These are universal human emotions. Grandparents everywhere … Continue reading

Get to know our summer intern: Ana Reyes

This week we welcomed a new member of the STAY COOL team: Ana Reyes. As our summer intern, Ana will perform research related to Climate Action Planning in our communities, help expand our membership, conduct outreach to South County and will assist with a video development project. Learn more about … Continue reading

How to Become a Grandparent Advocate

More voices need to be heard in the public sphere to help motivate our elected officials and governmental agencies to take action against global warming. Grandparents and seniors have the time and the ear of our civic leaders to sound the alarm. When more citizens show public support for climate … Continue reading

Planning for climate change with high climate variability – May 14 Meeting Recap

Thank you to the 18 members and guests who attended our May 14 meeting featuring Dr. Dan Cayan, director of the Climate Research Division at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). Dr. Cayan has been with SIO since 1972 and is one of the Southwest’s leading experts on climate variability … Continue reading

A Cause for Concern in California – and San Diego

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest general science membership organization, states it clearly, “Climate change is already happening. More heat waves, greater sea level rise, and other changes with consequences for human health, natural ecosystems, and agriculture are already occurring in the United States and … Continue reading

Why the Urgency About Reducing CO2 Emissions?

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By Peg and David Engel We founded STAY COOL for Grandkids, an organization of grandparents and others concerned about the dangers global warming poses to our grandchildren, because we feel that action to limit CO2 emissions is needed now. We believe these dangers are both real and already happening. CO2 … Continue reading

Concerns of a Climate Scientist

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What concerns me most about climate change now is the contrast between the apathy of the public and the troubling facts that we climate scientists have established. Most people are poorly informed about what our science has discovered, and most political leaders have done little or nothing to cope with … Continue reading