November 4, 2015 STAY COOL Meeting Summary – Speaker Len Hering

Thank you to the 24 attendees who joined our member meeting on November 4th. We heard from Rear Admiral Len Hering, USN (retired), Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Energy, about effects of global warming on national security and energy planning. Our speaker’s opening slide showed that, like many … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Issa should heed the words of Pope Francis

By David Engel Pope Francis will address the U.S. Congress soon (“Congress returns to long list of unfinished business,” Sept. 7) to express concerns about the dangers of global warming. Francis stated in his encyclical that science has shown global warming is happening and human activities are responsible. He believes … Continue reading

September Meeting Summary – All About Community Choice Energy (CCE)

Thank you to the 28 STAY COOL members and guests who joined us for our meeting on Tuesday, September 1, 2015. Our featured speaker was Nicole Capretz, Executive Director of The Climate Action Campaign. Formed in February, 2015, The Climate Action Campaign is the leading local climate action watchdog group, … Continue reading

Community Choice Energy (CCE) – Offering Renewable Energy Choices

On Tuesday, September 1 STAY COOL will host an event on Community Choice Energy (CCE) featuring speaker Nicole Capretz, Executive Director of Climate Action Campaign, which advocates for clean energy choices. What is CCE? Community Choice Energy (CCE), provided for by AB 117 (2002), allows cities, counties, or groups of … Continue reading

June Meeting Summary Featuring Cleantech San Diego and Sustainable Investing

Thank you to the 30 members who joined us on Tuesday, June 9, to hear from Jason Anderson, president and CEO of Cleantech San Diego. Cleantech San Diego has been working for more than seven years to position the greater San Diego region as a global leader in the cleantech economy. The organization’s mission … Continue reading

Help Move San Diego Forward – Now is Your Chance to Weigh in on SANDAG’s Regional Plan

Beginning tonight, SANDAG is holding seven evening workshops to present a draft of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan. The purpose is to share the plan with the public and receive public comments. View the schedule here. San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan outlines the strategy for transportation planning and funding, … Continue reading

Help Save the Earth at the STAY COOL 2015 Earth Day Booth

We need STAY COOL members to volunteer at the Balboa Park Earth Day Festival on Sunday April 19. We have a STAY COOL booth (number 262) located in a great spot right next to the League of Women Voters. This event attracts thousands of earth-friendly attendees, but we need your … Continue reading

Sea Level Rise at our March 4 Meeting

Thank you to the 36 members who attended our March 4 STAY COOL meeting on Sea Level Rise and thank you to speakers Dr. Reinhard (Ron) Flick and Dr. Sarah Giddings (both from Scripps Institution of Oceanography) along with Nicola Hedge from The San Diego Foundation Environment Initiatives. We learned … Continue reading

Field Trip! Recap of Feb. 19 “King Tide” Visit to Scripps Pier

Blog post by Peg Engel.  Nothing’s better for conveying a natural history lesson – and when the subject is sea level rise, no location could be more informative than our own Scripps Pier in La Jolla. On Thursday, February 19, during a “king tide,” STAY COOL members were treated to … Continue reading

Sea Level Rise in San Diego – What Should We Expect and What Can We Do About It?

Among the expected global warming impacts, perhaps none poses a greater risk than sea level rise (SLR) to San Diego’s unique coastlines, our biological diversity and our economic vitality. This century, elevation of average sea level could change by as much as five feet, putting our community infrastructures, ecosystems and … Continue reading