Sea Level Rise in San Diego – What Should We Expect and What Can We Do About It?

Among the expected global warming impacts, perhaps none poses a greater risk than sea SLR_SeacoastDr_SergeDedinalevel rise (SLR) to San Diego’s unique coastlines, our biological diversity and our economic vitality. This century, elevation of average sea level could change by as much as five feet, putting our community infrastructures, ecosystems and economies at risk.

At two events in the coming weeks, we will give STAY COOL members a chance to learn more about SLR, what it means for our community, our economy and our environment. Our first event on Feb. 19 will occur on the morning of a “King Tide” in La Jolla and attendees will be granted access to the SIO pier. Our second educational event will be in Del Mar on March 4 (see below for details about these events).

The San Diego region faces many threats from a rising ocean.  While we believe that it is Marine Room King Tidecritical that we reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, we also recognized that the seas are already rising and this trend is expected to intensify.   STAY COOL supports actions that will take into account our region’s vulnerabilities and will help advance strategies that build our resilience to rising seas. So, what can we do as individuals? How can we help our leaders consider sea level rise and climate change resiliency in their long range plans? What is already being done in our community to plan for these challenges?

To learn more about this issue and to answer these questions, please save the date for these upcoming Sea Level Rise STAY COOL events:

Thursday, February 19, 2015, 8:30-10 a.m. at La Jolla Shores – King Tides beach walk and SIO pier tour. We will park and meet at La Jolla Shores (at 8:30 am) to observe the high “king tide” as we walk to the Scripps Pier. (Bring your beach walking shoes!) Extreme high tides, or “king tides”, occur at a few specific times during the year when the moon is closest to the Earth (at 8:57 am on Feb. 19). During these high water events, we can see what the average water levels might look like in the future. During our walk we will also take photos for The King Tides Project. At 9 am we will meet SIO researchers for a private guided tour and discussion about Sea Level Rise. Space is limited, so email to reserve your space.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 5:30-7:30 p.m. in Del Mar – STAY COOL Member Meeting on Sea Level Rise featuring Dr. Reinhard (Ron) Flick from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Hear about Dr. Flick’s research on sea level rise in Southern California and his work on the Ross Ice Shelf Vibrations project. We’ll also feature a guest speaker on how rising seas will impact operations and infrastructure in the San Diego region. Plus, attendees will learn how they can get more involved in tracking sea level rise and influencing our policy makers.

Our events are always free. Contact Sarah Benson, Administrative Director, at to RSVP and for more details about upcoming events.

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