Our March member meeting: Tracking regional progress

Members who attended our general meeting on March 29 were introduced by Mikaela Bolling to a great online resource – The San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard. The Dashboard measures trends throughout the region to track a central theme: Is our quality of life improving?

Mikaela is Project Manager for the Equinox Project at the Center for Sustainable Energy. The Equinox Project has been publishing annual Dashboards since 2010. Now the Dashboard is entirely online, where you can dig down into the supporting data. After a brief history and introduction, Mikaela reviewed findings of particular interest to those of us concerned about how our region is responding to global warming and preparing for climate change.

Dashboard indicators include assessments of air quality, cross-border economic and environmental issues, progress on climate action plans, economic prosperity, renewable energy, electricity consumption, housing, land use, transportation choices, electric vehicle sales and infrastructure, VMTs, waste disposal, water quality and water consumption.

Check it out! http://energycenter.org/equinox/dashboard

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