Join STAY COOL to support Ms. Smarty-Plants™ at EarthFair

Come out to the annual EarthFair at Balboa Park this Sunday, April 17 to catch the debut presentation by The Water Conservation Garden’s Ms. Smarty-Plants™ titled “Ms. Smarty-Plants™ Helps Cool the Climate.”

community-outreach-09Perfect for children and families, the entertaining presentation will occur at 11:30 am on the Sun Stage, located in Balboa Park near the Federal Building.

Focusing on inspirational messages tailored to children, Ms. Smarty-Plants™ will explain global warming causes and consequences in simple, yet powerful, terms. Through interactive activities, she will help children discover easy ways they and their families can impact positive change, and become Earth Heroes!

The presentation is the result of a partnershcommunity-outreach-10ip between The Water Conservation Garden and STAY COOL for Grandkids. These organizations share a common goal of protecting natural resources and informing the public, especially children, about climate change actions and solutions. To learn more about The Water Conservation Garden’s Ms. Smarty-Plants™, click here.

About Us

STAY COOL for Grandkids is a free membership organization whose mission is to IMG_5694harness the power of elders through education and advocacy for action on climate change issues in the San Diego region. STAY COOL hosts educational forums, outreach efforts and advocacy programs to meet its mission of speaking on behalf of those grandchildren presently too young to have a voice regarding climate policies. Visit us at EarthFair on Sunday, April 17 at booth 262, near the Botanical Building.

The Water Conservation Garden opened in 1999 and is dedicated to promoting water conservation in the southern California landscape through excellent exhibits and programs that educate and inspire the public.  Ms. Smarty-Plants™ Grows Earth Heroes© and The Magic of Water© are programs offered by The Water Conservation Garden, whose mission is to educate and inspire through excellent exhibits and programs that promote water conservation and the sustainable use of related natural resources. Ms. Smarty-Plants’™ award-winning programs inspire young people through interactive and engaging hands on learning in water conservation and stewardship of the earth.


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