Message Points for San Diego CAP Public Comments

On Tuesday, December 15 the San Diego City Council will vote to adopt the city’s Climate Action Plan. Review the plan here.

Citizens, and especially STAY COOL members, are encouraged to show public support for this measurable, enforceable plan. Please consider attending the meeting on Dec. 15 to voice your support. Or, if you can not make it in person please submit a comment online here in the days before the hearing.

Not sure about what to say in your testimony? Here are some message points to get you started:

  • I am a grandparent (or parent) concerned about the likely risks global warming poses for our children and grandkids.
  • Climate change is a local government issue, just like education, good roads and crime prevention. When global warming affects our citizens, they will want to know what city hall has done to prepare for climate change.
  • I’m here today to commend the city for incorporating aggressive targets for greenhouse gas reductions in a climate action plan that will build in measurable, enforceable policies.
  • In San Diego, we value our quality of life; yet we are so vulnerable to global warming threats like a water storage, heat waves, sea level rise and poor air quality. We only have one chance to do this right. Let’s commit to leaving future generations with the same opportunity to enjoy our unique quality of life.
Bob Leiter at the November 30 2015 Environment Committee hearing on the San Diego CAP

Bob Leiter at the November 30 2015 Environment Committee hearing on the San Diego CAP

Additional message points from our partners at San Diego

  • Support the legally binding, Climate Action Plan with 100% Clean Energy for all; compact, mixed use development; and real alternative transportation options.
  • Get started implementing these right away; support the “fast track” implementation plan.
  • Ensure 2016 budget fully funds the Climate Plan’s implementation.
  • Support the new sub-committee of Environment Committee that will oversee the Climate Plan’s implementation (the committee will be announced on Nov 30 and will include CM Alvarez and public stakeholders).
  • Community Plan Updates must support the CAP and the City needs develop a CAP consistency checklist for CPUs.
  • The plan should protect the communities who are most impacted by climate change and create good quality, local jobs.
  • This is the fight of our generation! We must stop the pollution and climate craziness that threatens our families’ health, our beautiful city, our infrastructure, our wildlife, and our livelihoods!


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