Grandparents can take action against climate change

Article by STAY COOL member Dennis Griffin.


As Grandparents we need to wage war on the devastating effects of climate change. We can support organizations that reflect our values.

However this can prove to be a long and laborious task. (And as grandparents we know we may not have a lot of time left.)

We can also take tangible steps toward combating climate change through action. These actions mean “walking the talk”:

  • Install solar on our roofs
  • Drive an electric car
  • Take low carbon vacations
  • Divest ourselves from fossil fuels by changing our investments to show our environmental values
  • Share our concerns about the future with our children and grandchildren (Other demands on their time and attention may be keeping them uninformed.)


In addition we can gift our children and grandchildren, not only with money, but with our values:

  • Pay for the installation of solar on their homes
  • Financially influence the transportation choices they make
  • Set an example by living a simpler lifestyle and encourage them to do the same
  • Pry them from their electronic devices and introduce them to the wonders of nature.

Dennis’ grandson enjoys nature.


As grandparents we also run into an unusual situation when we reach our 70th birthday. If we have funded retirement accounts during our working years we find ourselves faced with having to take money out of these accounts. This new-found income can allow us to take tangible steps toward supporting our energy saving decisions, whether it be for ourselves or our family. It is an opportunity to add to our environmental legacy and reinforce our values.

Article by STAY COOL member Dennis Griffin.

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